• Human Flourishing = Thriving Business

  • What We Do

    We give leaders a series of evidence-based techniques, tools and interventions to improve overall well-being and performance. We measure the impact and provide insights to support the creation of a flourishing work environment, increasing engagement, reducing burnout.

    Sherpa Dip

    A Two Hour Introduction

    Covers the key scientific principles of the Sherpa 'inside-out' system of change so that you can immediately recognise how to improve your own well-being, master your stress and productivity and apply this knowledge to your teams. (Scroll down to the bottom of the site to see the most recent feedback for this powerful course).

    Sherpa Basecamp

    A Four Step Process of Positive Change

    Based on the scientific principles of positive change and successful habit formation, this step by step process of self-motivated change positively impacts leaders, team members and teams. We use technology for continuous assessment to show actual improvement and to clearly articulate return on training investment.

    Sherpa Summit Training

    A Four Step Journey of Personal and Leadership Mastery

    In this course we delve deeper in to the science and psychology of leadership success. This is a practice based course focusing initially on personal mastery, then linking that to tangible daily leadership practices. It is essential that attendees first complete Basecamp before Summit training.

    Sherpa Gear

    A Series of Standalone Training Solutions

    Busting Burnout - How to avoid, overcome or recognise burnout using evidence based tools and tactics.

    Transforming Toxic Teams - We give leaders practical tools to address or avoid toxic situations in teams that destroy engagement and co-operation.

    Re Thinking Bad Apples - In this powerful two hour workshop each attendee will have a simple blueprint to effectively and positively handle destructive individual behaviours that negatively affect the broader team.

    Sherpa Well-Being Monitoring

    We Measure The Success of What We Do in Real Time

    Measuring Success is Key to Transformation: The Sherpa Team have a suite of measurement tools that log the well-being improvement as a consequence of our interventions and training.

    One of our core values is to be able to show you proof that what we do works. This data capture, tracking and performance improvement system gives you that information in one dashboard.

  • Who We Support

    We Support Anyone That Leads, With a Focus on.....

    Agile/ Scrum Coaches

    A Toolkit For Change

    • A system to understand people issues arising from change.
    • Undertake more meaningful work and make a real impact.
    • Go beyond Agile frameworks to work with cultural change at a deeper level.
    • Get a clear 'people-focused' servant leadership framework.
    • You will benefit from using these tools, improving your overall well-being.

    Tech. Entrepreneurs

    Make a Real Impact

    • A science based toolkit for leadership success.
    • An evidence-based approach to getting the best out of people.
    • Improve engagement and team outcomes.
    • You benefit by having tools that improve your work/life balance.

    Program Leaders

    Engaged Teams

    • Learn how to reduce your stress and improve your daily energy.
    • How to Improve your own work/life balance and levels of engagement.
    • How to create and maintain an engaged team.
    • Understand what makes people 'tick', so you can master the art of leadership.
    • Know what needs to be in place to build a team that you trust.
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  • "...We live in an era in which neuroscientists are teaching us about the malleability of our brain and the emotionally contagious nature of our workplace...... we're all human, it's the most important, neglected fact in business."

    Chip Conley, CEO & AirBnB Strategic Advisor

  • The Challenge

    The Mental Model That Explains How We Overlook Human Potential, Making Leadership More Challenging

    Our Flawed Mental Model

    How we operate in today's workplace

    The prevalent way or working in many organisations looks like this: 'we work hard, we achieve some success and then we're happy'. According to Gallup 87% of employees are disengaged, or actively disengaged worldwide. So leaders who focus their team on working harder or smarter only ever deliver limited outcomes because the majority of staff are disengaged to begin with. (Click image to read Gallup Article)

    The Flourishing Mental Model

    What science has proven to work

    A met-analysis of 225 academic studies by Sonja Lyubomirsky, Ed Deiner and Laura King proved that positive people are the fuel of team success and significantly outperform neutral or negative staff (click on the image to read the study). Therefore leaders who focus initially on human potential at the individual level, thereby improving engagement and morale, significantly improve the chances of success for any team and any change agenda. They also increase team cohesion and reduce their leadership stress.

  • "All it takes is a belief that people are fundamentally good—and enough courage to treat your people like owners instead of machines. Machines do their jobs; owners do whatever is needed to make their companies and teams successful".

    Laszlo Bock, SVP People Operations, Google

  • The Solution

    An Evidence Based Model for Leadership.

    Developing potential at the individual level first, and build from there......

    This creates superior performance across the board

    • Individual: Positive individuals are 37% better at sales and 33% more productive (Lyubomirsky, 2005).
    • Thriving: A case study at Wachovia Bank, making one small change in working conditions, improved revenue by up to 20% (click image to learn more).
    • Growth: "75% of job success is not predicted by I.Q. but your optimism level and your ability to see stress as a challenge not a threat", (Achor, 2012). These traits can be developed.
    • Relationships: Dr John Gottman has proven that relationships flourish when the ratio of positive interaction to negative is 5:1.
    • Container: Autonomous team philosophies deliver clear benefits such as; delighting customers, reducing cost of production, more productive teams and quicker response to markets (Forbes Technology Council).
    • Vision: Companies with a clearly articulated purpose have out performed the S&P 500 by 14 times over a period of 15 years. (Firms of Endearment)
  • "If the employee comes first, then they're happy. A motivated employee treats the customer well. The customer is happy, so they keep coming back, which pleases the shareholders. It is not one of the enduring mysteries of all time, it is just the way it works."


    Herb Kelleher, CEO, Southwest Airlines

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    This article published in Arianna Huffington's new business Thrive Global.com looks at how 'burn out' arises and how to avoid it. (click on the image to read the post)

    Get More Done, Take a Vow of Simplicity

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    If you want to have a real, felt sense of achievement at the end of the day, productivity tweaks are not the answer, choosing simplicity is. (click on the image to read the post)

  • Who We Are

    A Cross-Functional Team with Business Growth, Agile, Scrum, Team Improvement and the Science of Human Flourishing Expertise

    Alan Furlong

    Science of Flourishing and Business Growth

    Alan Furlong (MBA, BA Hons, Cert Pos Psych) has built two successful business and at the same time trained and coached the science of Human Flourishing since 2012. His skill lies in his ability to translate the latest research findings into what makes us perform at our best, into practical tasks and habits in our daily business life.

    Matt Roadnight

    Agile Coach and Scrum Alliance Trainer

    Matt has over 20 years experience coaching and training high performing teams, working with organisations to transform their processes, improve quality and slash delivery times. These experiences led him to explore how greater engagement of individuals, bringing meaning and purpose to the workplace can significantly improve performance and outcomes.

    Adrian Pancucci

    Relationship Systems and Communication

    Adrian Pancucci (PCC, ORSCC) is an expert in developing relationship systems that work, improving the behaviours, outcomes, interactions and outputs of teams and organisations. The systemic coaching approach also draws on cutting edge research focused on how we can get teams and groups to communicate and work more effectively together, navigating change and complexity in a conscious and intentional way.

  • Client Feedback

    Cancer Research UK.

    "We had an invaluable objective view on how to build and continuously improve Agile teams with expert input, experience and facilitation that has accelerated take-up, increased and improved our output and given us a firm foundation on which to build."

    Mark Gillespie, Head of Development, Strategy and Delivery. Visa.

    "An energetic and enthusiastic approach to training and coaching people across Visa.... helping us improve delivery."


    Tony Bloom, Rosterportal.

    "Alan's clear precise instructions have helped us prepare our business from local, to national, to international."

    Agile Conference 2014.

    Feedback included: "best session of the day". "brilliant active session - learning through doing a worked example" "superb". "Exceptional!! very relevant and well delivered".

    Andre Moreitz, Director, Cheeky Monkey Marketing.

    "Overall, every month for the last 6 months, turnover has increased by 20% every month, compared to the same period in the previous year".

    David Cohen Sztutwajner, Strategic Manager, Exec Coaching & Real Estate.

    "Adrian is an amazing course leader. He is highly knowledgeable, but what makes him unique is his creativity and the way he uses humour to create a learning ambience".

    Pria Rai, Director of People Services.

    "Over the past two years, Adrian has worked closely with executive leaders, managers and teams within the business to create a common understanding and framework of leadership that comes from within the organisation rather than a concept that is imported externally. Adrian is extremely deft at creating trust at an individual level and that has translated into learning environments that are focused on creating awareness and learning without judgement, even when they include cross-functional and cross hierarchical players".

    Paul Bridge, Chief Executive.

    "Adrian is an outstanding coach. He enabled me to identify, enhance and leverage my personal strengths and take my leadership of the company to a higher level. Where I found Adrian’s work particularly helpful was in supporting me to take confident actions in difficult situations and in enabling me to think clearly about the next steps that were needed. He is also an exciting coach who brings enormous amounts of insight to his work through his extensive research and work in the field".

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    Transform how you lead and how you do business, come and hang out with us in Central London!

    This course has been described by attendees as "fun, thought-provoking, inspiring, inspirational and uplifting", here are some of the most recent comments:


    "Engaging, inspiring and interesting... something that speaks to everyone and if taken on board could be paradigm shifting." - Natalie, attendee.


    "This will change the way you approach achieving results in work and in life" - David, attendee


    "Fun, informative, surprising... a course which provided a great many insights which were backed up by scientific research, I will take active steps towards making positive changes to myself." - Ms. Crossman, attendee


    "Inspiring and engaging" - Giorgio, attendee


    "Interesting scientific facts about what makes people tick and how much this impacts myself, my colleagues and their personal and professional lives" - Anon, attendee


    A Powerful Two Hours That Will Transform You and How You Lead (and a Lot of Fun Too)